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Massage in Havana Cuba

massage in havana

massage in havana is one of the healthiest options you have during your visit to Cuba

Corpus Habana Spa offers you a massage service and holistic cosmetology. Applying 100% natural essential oils handmade by ourselves. You will find the best natural healing techniques and physical renewal.

Why many people seek massage service when they are in Havana?

There are several factors, such as:

People walk a lot in Havana looking for museums and historical sites.
The best way to know Havana is on foot or by bicycle.

People who come from a long trip need massage. If you arrive in Cuba after several hours by plane, you will surely request a massage.

Some tourists like to ride horses, especially when they go to the countryside. This activity makes your body feel tired later

In your country you don’t have time to take care of your body and your face. Then you can take advantage of your vacation time to release tension and feel well-being.

Or simply you want to discover new types and techniques of massage in a tropical environment full of tradition and culture. It is a good way to know how the Cuban female entrepreneurship is developed.

At home service in Havana

You can go to our establishment or request a home delivery service.

Corpus Habana Spa. Special Massage services

We offer special services such as:

group massage at home

couple massage

massage for social events

For sporting events

Service for health tourism

Massage in spiritual retreats

Massage for Yoga practitioners

Corpus means body in Latin. and our logo is a lotus flower that describes this group of Cuban women who develop and flourish.

Faced with the difficulties to develop our project, we grow with a lot of love and dedication to study and creativity. Proving that women can get ahead on our own. That is why we help other Cuban women find an honest and happy life with their own efforts.

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“Very professional staff, very effective way to release all those muscle tensions.”

Every time i come to Havana, i treat myself with a few massages in this little spa. Very professional staff, very effective way to release all those muscle tensions we accumulate in our frenetic lives . I recommand this to anybody who is looking for a relaxing or a therapeutic massage. The owner is a very sympathic and smart women (a physician ) who is always studying and learning new technics to offer the best possible care to her clients.
corpus habana spa

Thai Massage

Discover the creative style of Cuban therapists.

thai massage

Relaxing Massage

Excellent way to find inner peace and relaxation of the body and mind

Sport massage

If you like doing sports, this is a necessary tool to avoid injuries and feel in excellent physical shape.

A Lo Cubano

massage with Cuban aromas. Coconut, cinnamon, cigar, coffee, rum

Special offers

We always think about people’s well-being, that’s why we adapt to their needs and preferences

masaje en pareja
relax massage in havana masaje relajante en la habana
thai massage


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