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Thai Massage in Havana Cuba

thai massage

Thai Massage in Havana will help you maintain or recover your state of physical and spiritual balance. It is a massage that is performed on the floor, unlike other modalities. Although there are modern trends to perform it on conventional massage tables. They are valid adaptations, although the pressure difference is evident. In most of the postures the masseuse uses the weight of his body and the balance. A pleasant harmony is achieved between the two people.

In the Thai Massage traditional techniques are applied to achieve a special harmony between the body and the mind. It includes massage of key points, lymphatic drainage techniques, breathing, pressure application with various parts of the therapist’s body, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet, as well as body stretching techniques.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage in Havana

Relieves and avoids stress and its consequences.

It helps improve empathy and trust in others.

Reconnect your body, mind and soul.

It helps you to be more flexible.

Recovers the optimal state of the muscles.

It makes you live here and now powerfully.

Ideal for those who do not like to apply cream or oil on their body.

Improve your posture.

It is excellent for lumbosacral ailments and ciatalgia.

It is wonderful to improve the functionality of the hips and the pelvic belt in general.

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Curiosities of Thai Massage

1- Many people confuse Thai Massage with some kind of erotic practice. Apparently in some places of the world this type of practices is carried out. Some people confuse the term of exotic massage with erotic. But, at least in our country and in the majority, this technique is detached from sexual services. This type of belief is a product of ignorance, opportunism or ignorance.

2- It is said that in Thailand the massage centers or cabins are many and varied. The practice of massage is very popular and widespread among the locals.

3- It is said that once you try this type of massage you will not want another.

4- Yoga Massage is told by the similarity of stretching, the ends and the postures attached to the breath.

5- It is said that the masseuse does a dance with his body around the client, for all the beauty that this service contains.

6- This system has specific techniques for areas such as face, hands and arms.

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